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PowerPoint enhancement from Microsoft June 18, 2009

Posted by thedukeofurl in Technology.
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Microsoft has just come out with an enhancement to Powerpoint 2007 which many will find useful. It enables a presentation to be integrated into authorStream and youtube by a few clicks of the mouse. What is even more interesting is what can be done with a PowerPoint slide presentation using a Wii controller; pptPlex also enables a presentation to be sent to your iPod.

I recommend a look. Here are some useful links, with brief commentary.

This is an overview of pptPlex. The commentary sounds like it might have been prepared with  dummies in mind РMS working to the lowest common demoninator, as it were.


Using a Wii controller for a PowerPoint pptPlex slide show.


Here is a Wikepedia discussion about what sorts of things can be done via authorStream.


Now, authorStream itself.


How to send a PowerPoint slide show to youtube via authorStream.


Your authorStream show can also be sent to your Apple iPod.

Transfer speeds between authorStream and youtube and within youtube itself, according to MS’s own commentary, can be unusually long.¬† Have fun.